How To Make a Felt Graduation Hat!

Hello again!

Well it’s pretty obvious I have been keeping my website looking tidy but I have sadly neglected my blog for a long time. So I thought instead of the usual what I have been up to chatter I would create a little ‘how to’ entry.

Today I have been making this little felt graduation hat for a nice lady who borrowed my dissertation. I’m also planning on popping into the new bunch of 3rd years exhibition next week at Portsmouth Uni. (It’s been a year already?!) hense the theme of the grad hat.
Anyway time to stop my rambling and let the tutorial commence…

Step 1:
Cut a 10cm x 5cm length of felt and fold it in half

Step 2:
Cut out a square of thin card to fit into half of the felt & glue the layers together

Step 3:
Using a contrasting thread sew around the edges of the fabric

Step 4:
Next fold the corners of the square to meet in the middle

Step 5:
Then fold the corners of those folds outwards

Step 6:
Cut out a strip of felt 10cm long ( I used another contrasting colour) and sew along the bottom (optional)

Step 7:
Glue or stitch the strip of felt to the small corner folds made in step 5. This pulls all the hat elements together!

Final Step:
Add a couple of beads to a ribbon & pop the ribbon through a small hole made in one of the corners of the hat!


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