Teenage Cancer Trust Fundraiser

Hello readers,

These last few weeks i’ve been working on designs & other crafty bits for a fundraiser my friends & I had last night for the Teenage Cancer Trust and our friend. We raised £260 on the night & the donations are still coming in! Thanks to anybody who came along to enjoy the night & show their support.

If you are still interested in sending us a donation, however big or small, you can by visiting our Justgiving page.

Here is the poster & banner I designed to advertise the night:

How To Make a Felt Graduation Hat!

Hello again!

Well it’s pretty obvious I have been keeping my website looking tidy but I have sadly neglected my blog for a long time. So I thought instead of the usual what I have been up to chatter I would create a little ‘how to’ entry.

Today I have been making this little felt graduation hat for a nice lady who borrowed my dissertation. I’m also planning on popping into the new bunch of 3rd years exhibition next week at Portsmouth Uni. (It’s been a year already?!) hense the theme of the grad hat.
Anyway time to stop my rambling and let the tutorial commence…

Step 1:
Cut a 10cm x 5cm length of felt and fold it in half

Step 2:
Cut out a square of thin card to fit into half of the felt & glue the layers together

Step 3:
Using a contrasting thread sew around the edges of the fabric

Step 4:
Next fold the corners of the square to meet in the middle

Step 5:
Then fold the corners of those folds outwards

Step 6:
Cut out a strip of felt 10cm long ( I used another contrasting colour) and sew along the bottom (optional)

Step 7:
Glue or stitch the strip of felt to the small corner folds made in step 5. This pulls all the hat elements together!

Final Step:
Add a couple of beads to a ribbon & pop the ribbon through a small hole made in one of the corners of the hat!


Recent News

I’ve noticed I have been slacking on the blogging front, so it’s time for a new update.

The last couple of months have been busy ones. To start off I graduated from the University of Portsmouth on the 15th of July! It was a big, frantic day were we got to wear those annoying hats, meet Sheila Hancock and queued for hours before hopping on a train to the new designers exhibition in London where 7 Pompey illustration peeps showed off their talents.

After such a busy few weeks I’m sitting here trying to motivate myself once again. Now home is calling me back in a few days time I will have no excuse but to create some fresh new work for you lovelies to browse and/or purchase.

A few little things I have created are Flickr and Big Cartel accounts (a bit bare atm) just so you can see scribblehands in even more places around the web 😉



Bye Bye University

Yesterday I took down my exhibition work. It felt strange to take away a years worth of work and see an empty, white space. I will be sad to leave university behind, stressful as it was it will still be my biggest achievement and I will keep fond memories of the place.

On a happier note, i have opened up the online shop. So far the shop is limited but i hope you enjoy the few items that are for sale.

Degree Exhibition

Last night was the private view for our third year illustration work. (The exhibition will be on until 4pm daily up to the 12th June, Eldon building,Portsmouth) So why not go along, have a look around and check out the shop!

Heres a picture from the exhibition:

Website Updated

Hello there, you appear to have fallen into the improved scribblehands site! I have just given the old site a coat of virtual paint, so I hope you have enjoy the look around.

New additions to the site include the shiney new shop (opening soon) and this news page so I can keep you up to date with the happenings of scribblehands.

If you do like my illustrations feel free to get in touch and let me know. I will happily illustrate for you.